We started with a handful of great ideas backed by a committed team. We realized many individuals lack knowledge in Cryptocurrency which pushed us to do something for the community. This has inspired us to come together to create Milky Way to spread knowledge and awareness of Cryptocurrency.

Milky Way was created in 2017 by our team to offer users brilliant innovations on our Milky Way platform for crypto traders and miners. The convenience of our site will enable you to trade and stake. Our platform also allows quick and easy access to our community, wherever you are and whenever you choose; bringing our users fresh content, maximizing knowledge while interacting with the Milky Way community.


Our focus is to spread the knowledge and awareness about Cryptocurrency.  We are here to empower all our users, so that you have the best opportunity to earn from the basic technologies of Cryptocurrency. For users who may not be familiar with the basics of Cryptocurrency and all that blockchain has to offer; our investors are granted access to discuss and learn from our virtual experts.

Our main goal at Milkyway is to create a simplified and undiscriminating environment that encourages all people of all skill levels to get involved.






Professional Poker Player & Crypto Expert.

His life goal is to give back to the less fortunate, ending homelessness and giving back to the community.

RSJ 91

Full-time Engineer & Crypto Enthusiast.

He wants to empower individuals by teaching them the ins and outs of Cryptocurrency.


Marketing, Operations, Project Management

Message her on for updates on twitter at https://twitter.com/cryptocupcake